Dating Daries

Dating Diaries
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Do you seem to have a very unique or interesting time on dates? This journal is for anyone who wants to share their exciting or horrible experiences in the dating world. I just ask that you please follow a few rules when posting here:

1) Please use an identity (fake name)when referring to your significant other(s). We want you to be able to say anything (whether it is good or bad) about your dates without offending other parties involved.

2) Keep it relevant. This community is about dating and what happens on your dates. Please do not post advertisements for other communities or anything that has nothing to do with dating. Failing to comply will result in you becoming banned. You can post topics or links that have a theme of dating.

3) Do not bash other members. I don't care if you agree with the actions of other members or not. This is a community, so please act like one.

For the girls
If you feel jaded from a bad date or just men in general, please check out our sister journal: ihateboyz

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