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Adjusting Crotches, Nose Picking, and Throw Rugs

   I am trying to learn to laugh at some of my past mistakes when I can. So I figured that this little blast from the past would do the trick(Especially this one). Back when I was in my twenties I decided to try a blind date thing. I had never done that and I was open for a new experience.
  I turned to a friend who knew what i was looking for in a guy. A gentleman willing to romance me. Someone who was willing to get to know me. Someone who would embrace being showered with affection. But at that given moment someone who I could laugh with over dinner and make fun of a cheesy horror movie.
  So the day of the date I pampered myself. I painted my nails. Sprayed on my Charlie for good luck. Wiggled myself into a cute little black number complete with heels I had to climb a ladder with and silver hoops so big one could hool-la-hoop in them. Then I waited.
  About ten minutes before he was due to arrive I heard a knock at the door. I lived in a trailer at the time(for those who don't know what that it, it's a metal type dwelling with usually a diamond shape window to look out of in the door. Sometimes without being seen). So I took a peak before I opened the door. I must have timed it just right. Because his head was bent down when I looked out the tiny window.
  I wondered what he was doing. I didn't have to wonder long. He tugged at his crotch like men do. I was a bit taken a back. I had to remind myself that men do this from time to time. Then I saw him pick his nose!!!!!!!! Then he wiped it on a throw rug I had hanging over the banstier to air out!!!!!!!!!
  I opened the door quick. I was afraid he would pee on my bushes or steal my undies from my clothes line. He stuck his hand out to shake my hand. The one he used to pick his nose and fix his crotch with. He didn't even ask to borrow my bathroom so he could wash his hands first.
  I played off a head ache and a promise to get in touch. I never did. I heard he married a girl across town. I hope she taught him to wash his hands after doing succh personal things. He taught me why people don't go on blind dates!

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