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I was lured in, unsuspecting, by a female friend who claimed to have "many friends" that had had success with the speed dating phenomenon. The website espoused some ridiculous rate of successful match ups and of course had numerous testimonials from people that had found their one-and-only on the very first night they went to a speed dating function. They did not show photos of these people. The photos they did show were of hot 20/30-somethings swilling down cocktails and eating platefuls of canapes. I signed up and looked through the events listed as "appropriate" for my tastes and needs.

I ruled out "Globetrotters" as these free-spirited, itchy-footed people would probably not take to kindly to the 4-year-old child strapped to my left leg. I ruled out "Graduates" merely because apparently rather than just needing to be "intelligent", I need a piece of paper known as a "degree" to go to this one, and since I gave three years of uni a miss in favour of one year of business college, I will resist the urge to whine about how insane and unfair this is given that anyone with a mark of 50 or above can get into uni if they want. I got 94.55, damn it!!

Instead, I opted for "Wine Tasting", I rationalised that a) it was $20 more expensive than all the other events and would therefore rule out the cheapskates, b) the very prospect of a wine tasting would rule out bogans that sustained themselves with VB and "Winnie Blues", and finally, c) the alcohol would be free-flowing enough to anaesthetise any misery that might ensue if I was entirely incorrect about a) or b).

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