day_dreamer152 (day_dreamer152) wrote in dating_diaries,

 Hi. I just created this journal because I need some advice from people who aren't in my "circle."

Here's the deal:

I've gone out a couple of times (just platonically) with a guy friend of mine who just broke up with his gf.  He's mentioned several times that he's still not over the breakup, which just happened recently.  He's also told me that he's not ready for any new relationship.  This is conversation that HE brought up, not me.  Clearly something is on his mind. So, I'm not sure what to think.  Is he telling me that he's not in any way attracted to me?  Or is he saying that he likes me but isn't ready to move on because he's sill hung up on his ex?  When we hug goodnight (there has been no kissing) I've caught him a couple of times looking at me like he has something to say, but he says nothing...I can't read him.  

I know I'm probably overanalyzing this but I can't stop thinking about it.

Also, for the last couple of times we've gotten together he's invited other people.  This seems like a pull-back to me.
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